About Me

What would my friends say about me? They would describe me as someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and loves to have a good time. I would definitely agree with this, however I would also say that I am someone who loves to love. Let me explain….I love to shop, I love to travel, I love make up, and I love reality television.

The concept of liking these things never existed for me, it was straight up unadulterated love! if you want to know anything about the Kardashians or The Real Housewives, then holla at your girl!

I am (as the title of my blog suggests) a Leo, born in the month of August. A summer baby whose favourite accessory is my Ugg boots and my sunglasses. If I could I would wear both all year round trust me i would. I am of Ghanaian and Sierra Leone descent and am definitely African and proud! My Ghanaian name is Nana Yaa Sika (Yaa for short) and my family are from the Ashanti region of Ghana.


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What can you expect from this blog…the simplest response is everything. Food, fashion, travel and more. All things that encompass things that I love.

This is me 🙂 Thank you for visiting and welcome to my world…I hope you enjoy.