Afro Hair and Beauty 2017

The Afro Hair and Beauty show is an exhibition that has been going on for years. Mainly targeted at the Afro Caribbean community, it provides an opportunity to see what the latest products and trends are in the industry.


It’s held over a two day period of the last May bank holiday, and this past weekend I was fortunate enough to win tickets to attend.

Before I went I knew that my focus would be on the beauty aspect. With respect to my hair I have my go to brand (which is Cantu), and I literally have the majority of their products so I didn’t think it was worth buying any new hair products. Don’t get me wrong, I did take a look at hair brands, but that was all…just looked.

I decided that for this post I would focus on the brands that I purchased from on the day.

Peach & Pearl Brushes

Now I have been looking for makeup brushes for a while. It may sound strange but I have become so cautious when it comes to buying full sets of brushes. This is because I purchased a set previously but when I started using it, it barely held the product, rendering the brushes effectively useless.

So I was very happy to come across Peach and Pearl. What initially caught my eye is that the brushes are just so pretty. (I know the aesthetic is not the important thing….but it helps lol)

Upon feeling the brushes, I could immediately tell that they were good quality. The brushes felt soft, yet sturdy enough to hold a good amount of product. I then got speaking to the founder and CEO Sinead Oliver, who told me that the company was formed last year and that the brushes are vegan and cruelty free.

The set is comprised of 7 brushes, however they can be bought individually. I purchased an all over powder brush, as I did want to test it out. Honestly I wish I had purchased the set there and then, however I can get them online so hope is not lost!


If you want to find out more about Peach and Pearl check out their website

Peach & Pearl

Akoma skin care

I came across this brand on a stall by a company called Melariche who promote beauty brands targeted towards women of colour.

The reason why I was drawn to Akoma is because their products are made by a cooperative in Ghana. As I am from Ghana and I love natural skin products I thought I should at least make one purchase.

I decided to buy the black soap. Having heard so much about black soap I thought it was about time I give it a go.

For those that have never heard of Black soap, the soap is used widely throughout Africa. It’s purposes include makeup removal, washing your hair, bathing and showering. It is also said to have medicinal qualities in that it can help with acne, and helps with rough and dry skin. It is also said to help fight signs of ageing and soothes the effects of sun damage. How could I not purchase this!

Akoma have the soap in a liquid format and as a soap bar. I purchased the soap bar.

Black soap


The ingredients include coconut oil and fairtrade organic raw shea butter….so much goodness 🙂

I haven’t used it yet, but am looking forward to seeing what the black soap hype is about.

All in all, I was very happy with my little purchases from the show. If you have never attended Afro hair and beauty I definitely suggest you check it out next year….after all you never know what you may find.



  1. Nya Adewale
    June 1, 2017 / 1:17 am

    It sounds like it was worth attending! You found some great products!

    • June 1, 2017 / 6:56 am

      It was definitely good to see how it’s like now after not going for such a long time. Am very happy with my purchases I must say!

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