Winter skincare…what’s new?

opzioni binarie training gratis And so it begins, a new year and winter is upon us again. I don’t know about you but for me 2016 flew by. Like seriously where did the time go!

watch It’s January now and I can already feel the change in weather. It hit me when I woke up at the crack of dawn for my first day back at work after the Christmas break. My walk to the tube station comprised of me just wishing I was heading to a warmer climate.

follow link I was born in August, hence I am a summer baby, summer is my time, winter…not for me. I know so many people love wearing jumpers and having huge scarfs wrapped around their necks, whilst wearing woolly hats. Me I like sunglasses, sandals and a cocktail.

That being said the reality is I live in London and so I have no choice but endure the long winter months (and fake a smile like I like the fact that I can’t feel my fingers when I pop outside).

Anyway enough of my moaning, the reason I mentioned winter in the first place is because I wanted to talk about my skin care regime for the winter months.

source url My current skincare regime:

For me, the harsh weather means I have no choice but to adapt how I care for my skin. I have combination skin (which is mainly oily). In the summer I can get away with using just Micellar water (as a cleanser) and a light moisturiser. However in the winter my skin gets very dry.

Last year I was lucky enough to receive a number of skincare products from the various blogging events I attended. However rather than testing every single product I settled on a select few, some of which I have only recently started using.

How To Get Viagra Prescription in San Francisco California My recomendations: Re-Gen Oil

I started using this product last summer and the reason why I like it is that I feel this can be used all year round.  Although it’s an oil, it is very light on the skin and does not feel cakey, like some products do. This product can be used on the whole body, and helps with issues such as stretch marks, scars and blemished skin .

The reason why it’s taken me so long to write about this product is that I wanted to provide an honest review of whether it does help reduce skin blemishes. I do have blemishes and so I was very keen to see what effect (if any this product would have). I can honestly say that this product helped to reduce the pigment of my blemish marks. Don’t get me wrong, I still have the blemishes but they are significantly lighter and now I only need the tiniest bit of concealer to cover them, whereas before I was using loads. I will certainly continue to use this, and would definitely recommend to anyone that is dealing with issues relating to blemishes or scarring.

here The Body Shop (Oils of life, Drops of Youth sleeping mask, Camomile cleansing oil)

Now believe me when I say, these products right here are everything. I have been actively using the same for the last few weeks and my skin has definitely appreciated the same. My night routine is to use the camomile cleanser, then a few drops of the oils and then lastly the mask. In the morning I do the same but without the mask and replace it with Re-Gen Oil.

I know it sounds quite a heavy amount of product but trust me, it doesn’t feel it. For me personally, I find that my skin is glowing particularly in the mornings and honestly this is needed for me…as i usually wake up looking like I just finished a fight. The products are such that they stand out individually and so they do not need to be used altogether. If you are wanting to try a new skincare product for 2017, I would definitely recommend an investment in any of the above.

To review or purchase any of the above check out the following links:

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoy this post.


Beauty Review-The Body Shop- Ethiopian Honey Mask

At the moment there seem to be a saturation in the beauty market with loads of new facial products; whether it’s creams or cleansers, it just seems like there is something new every other day. Another recent trend I have noticed is that of the face mask. As I’m sure you’re all aware face masks have been around for decades; but for me personally (especially as I have sensitive skin) face masks were something I never really invested in…until recently. Let me tell you why…its all down to The Body Shop 🙂

video webinar opzioni binarie The Body Shop – Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask

The Body Shop Ethopian Honey Face Mask

I am lucky enough to be gifted this mask as part of a goody bag I received at the Thirty Plus Blog Awards. The Body Shop sponsored the event and gifted a number of products from their new range, however the face mask is the first product I have used.

The Body Shop Products

It has been a while since I used the Body Shop products, and so the opportunity to be reintroduced to the brand was something that I thought I would give a try.

source site First impressions: The  packaging: Looking at the same, you can tell that the body shop have revamped their packaging.


The same isn’t necessarily glamorous, but is definitely more than a step up from what I would consider to be basic packaging.

blind dating hannover The product:


Upon opening the same what I loved was the aroma of the mask. It wasn’t too over powering or sickly sweet. To me it actually smelt quite floral, however once I put a sample on my skin I could then smell an aroma of honey and perfume.  The ingredients are Ethiopian honey and Marula oil from Namibia. If you read the ingredients further there are also a number of other oils including olive oil and fruit oil. The consistency of the mask reminds me of hair gel, however unlike hair gel the mask is not sticky.


Upon application of the mask I found it to be smooth, and it didn’t feel heavy on my skin. I didn’t actually need too much as a little went a long way. Whilst on my face, it actually felt like I had applied face cream!

Once I had washed off the mask, my face felt amazing; I felt I had just had a facial. My face just looked so fresh.

I know it sounds weird, but I am amazed at how good my first results were. I have quite sensitive skin and more often than not have a reaction to a lot of products (including face masks). It’s been a few days since I used this, and have had no reaction whatsoever.

I can honestly say that this product has changed my perception of face masks. For me the body shop have elevated the bog standard facial mask and made it into a luxury product.

Ethopian Face Mask

Using this product has piqued my interest in face masks and I have now started testing others on the market. So far however this face mask is my favourite to date.

The good thing about my experience with this product is that it has made me a fan of the body shop again. Luckily I have a whole bag of their new range to go through and I will certainly review any favourites I come across.

If you want to treat yourself, I would definitely recommend trying this product.

For further information click the following link: