Christmas in July with Aldi

It might seem strange talking about Christmas in the middle of Summer. However now is the time most retailers and brands are having PR events showcasing what to expect at Christmas.

Aldi Christmas
Christmas Dinner with Aldi

I was lucky enough to go to one such event with trousseau diaries and saharasplash which was hosted by Aldi.

Not being an Aldi shopper, I had no idea what to expect, however I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised.

Bottles of champagne Monsigny

I believe that this Christmas Aldi will receive a large amount of my coins, as items like their candles and fragrances will make great gifts.

Aldi No 3 candle pomegranate
Pomegranate candle

The event showcased a range which included food, homeware, beauty, kitchenware.

pots and pans
Premium kitchen range

Needless to say I was taken aback, not just by the various ranges, but the quality and estimated prices.


So everyone loves an advent calendar. Over the last few years there have been various interpretations on the traditional advent calendar. However I have never seen a wine advent calendar…yes I said wine ?

Advent calendar
Wine filled Advent calendar

I also really loved the luxury countdown to Christmas advent calendar, which is skincare and fragrance based.

Beeauty advent calendar
Luxury Advent calendar

Something tells me that this will be quite popular.

Aldi perfumes
Eau de toilette

The eau de toilettes and candles, were essentially dupes for Jo Malone, but for a fraction of the cost. Some of the fragrances included pairings such as fresia and pear, along with lime, basil and mandarin.

Christmas 2018

In terms of when the Christmas ranges will be available, we were given timelines starting from October, however at the time of the event it was still to be confirmed.

To be honest, this post has only covered a fraction of the range, as I haven’t even touched on the amazing food and drinks that I sampled.

Aldi Christmas desserts

All in all, I definitely have been converted into an Aldi shopper, and so from one shopper to another ‘Happy Christmas’ even though it is July!


Afro Hair and Beauty 2017

The Afro Hair and Beauty show is an exhibition that has been going on for years. Mainly targeted at the Afro Caribbean community, it provides an opportunity to see what the latest products and trends are in the industry.


It’s held over a two day period of the last May bank holiday, and this past weekend I was fortunate enough to win tickets to attend.

Before I went I knew that my focus would be on the beauty aspect. With respect to my hair I have my go to brand (which is Cantu), and I literally have the majority of their products so I didn’t think it was worth buying any new hair products. Don’t get me wrong, I did take a look at hair brands, but that was all…just looked.

I decided that for this post I would focus on the brands that I purchased from on the day.

Peach & Pearl Brushes

Now I have been looking for makeup brushes for a while. It may sound strange but I have become so cautious when it comes to buying full sets of brushes. This is because I purchased a set previously but when I started using it, it barely held the product, rendering the brushes effectively useless.

So I was very happy to come across Peach and Pearl. What initially caught my eye is that the brushes are just so pretty. (I know the aesthetic is not the important thing….but it helps lol)

Upon feeling the brushes, I could immediately tell that they were good quality. The brushes felt soft, yet sturdy enough to hold a good amount of product. I then got speaking to the founder and CEO Sinead Oliver, who told me that the company was formed last year and that the brushes are vegan and cruelty free.

The set is comprised of 7 brushes, however they can be bought individually. I purchased an all over powder brush, as I did want to test it out. Honestly I wish I had purchased the set there and then, however I can get them online so hope is not lost!


If you want to find out more about Peach and Pearl check out their website

Peach & Pearl

Akoma skin care

I came across this brand on a stall by a company called Melariche who promote beauty brands targeted towards women of colour.

The reason why I was drawn to Akoma is because their products are made by a cooperative in Ghana. As I am from Ghana and I love natural skin products I thought I should at least make one purchase.

I decided to buy the black soap. Having heard so much about black soap I thought it was about time I give it a go.

For those that have never heard of Black soap, the soap is used widely throughout Africa. It’s purposes include makeup removal, washing your hair, bathing and showering. It is also said to have medicinal qualities in that it can help with acne, and helps with rough and dry skin. It is also said to help fight signs of ageing and soothes the effects of sun damage. How could I not purchase this!

Akoma have the soap in a liquid format and as a soap bar. I purchased the soap bar.

Black soap


The ingredients include coconut oil and fairtrade organic raw shea butter….so much goodness 🙂

I haven’t used it yet, but am looking forward to seeing what the black soap hype is about.

All in all, I was very happy with my little purchases from the show. If you have never attended Afro hair and beauty I definitely suggest you check it out next year….after all you never know what you may find.


Let’s get back to basics!

I confess that I had wanted to post this earlier, however July was so busy I didn’t get the chance. However as I enjoyed this event, I still thought I would post it…hope you enjoy 🙂

So one of the events I attended last month was hosted by celebrity make up artist Abbie May Hopkins.  The event was called Back to Basics.  It was a chance to meet Abbie May, watch her do a make up demonstration and mingle with other guests.


The event was held in conjunction with black pepper pr and took place at primobar in the Park Plaza Hotel. As a side note, I have to say the venue was on point, and I would definitely recommend paying a visit (especially for the cocktails)  🙂

Abbie May was an extremely gracious host, taking the time to speak to everyone before the demonstration began. To me this was great as it made the whole vibe of the event very relaxed and enjoyable.

Abbie May Hopkins

Once the demonstration began, it was really interesting watching how a professional applies make up compared to how I do make up.  It made me realise that I have so much to learn, but it was great too as I was able to pick up tips with relation to how to do certain things and what products to try out.

Abbie told us the story of how she got into make up, and the path she took before becoming freelance.  Upon listening, I felt that her story confirms that if you find what your passionate about, you should definitely follow it.  I know we hear ‘ follow your dreams’ and the like so often, but listening to someone who has actually become successful doing so, made it seem so much more achievable.

Event Sponsors and Goodie bags 🙂

The konjac sponge company and cloud9 skin both had stands set up. I have to be honest I hadn’t heard of either company prior to the event, however I am now definitely a fan of both having been given their products in the goodie bag.

Konjac sponge company
Cloud 9 Skin Solutions
Contents of the goodie bag 🙂

The contents of my goodie bag also contained products from:

dr paw paw

verso skincare

girl meets brush

Please click on the links above for further information.

If you want to find out more about Abbie May, check out her website: and also have a look at her youtube abbiemaymualdn


Big Blogger Expo – 24 July 2016

Still being a newbie to the world of blogging, I have only attended a few fairly small events.  So when it came to my attention that there was to be a bloggers expo, the first thing I did was to find out all about it and get myself a ticket.  I could tell from the interest generated on social media that this would definitely be an event to go to.

LDN meet upThe expo was organised by London Meet Up (also known as LDNmeetup), who regularly hold events for bloggers. This particular event was to be held at the Danubius Hotel in Regents Park.

The day before, I was trawling through Twitter (as you do) and I answered a request from two bloggers to attend the event together. Throughout the day we messaged each other and made our arrangements for the next day. I literally could not wait, as I knew from the LDNmeetup website that there would be amazing brands at the event. Furthermore I had made two new blogger friends Nat (beautyboxobsessed) and Jade (jpoppy-thats-just-me). I was more than ready!

So on Sunday 24th July, off I went to meet my new pals at St Johns Wood Station. I have to say, we got on so well from the start. As I said being new to blogging I am still ‘finding my feet’, so to meet others bloggers who were so welcoming was a great way to start the afternoon.

As we arrived at the hotel, we actually bumped into some other bloggers, and just got chatting. I literally couldn’t get over how friendly everyone was.  By the time we entered the hotel, our initial group of three had increased, having added the following ladies to our crew: Chelsey (, Jess ( and some others.

The Event and the brands

There were a number of brands (some established and some new) showcasing. I have to say the representatives for each and every brand were so nice, spending the necessary time to give information and some goodies from their brand.

Dr Paw Paw



At an event I had attended a few weeks prior, I had been given the Dr Paw Paw original balm in a goodie bag, and had been using the same ever since as I really liked it; needless to say when I found out they would be at the event I was more than happy.

What I like about the balm in particular, is that not only can it be used on your lips, but can also be used on your cheeks and as a cosmetic finish. Furthermore, a little goes a very long way!

Jewellery box


I just have to say I absolutely loved Jewellery box. Their jewellery pieces were so delicate and feminine and I immediately wanted everything.  What also stood out for me was the effort made regarding the display of the jewellery, I honestly could have looked at their stand all day.


As part of the goodies given to us bloggers Jewellery Box, gifted some of their jewellery. I received a necklace which I just had to take a picture of 🙂

jewelley box

Jody Bell

Jody Bell…the face behind the brand

Jody Bell is a fashion designer that designs not just clothing, but accessories such as bags and hats. Jody currently resides in Spain and has dressed a number of celebrities that both you and I know. The collection at the expo included gorgeous jump suits, play suits and dresses which definitely have that ‘fashionista feel’.




I was lucky enough to speak with Jody and find out about her brand. Jody told me that she would be at this years New York Fashion week. From what I could see, if you haven’t heard of the Jody Bell brand…you soon will.

A glimpse of the other brands

Bonnie Boo gifts P1000342 P1000320 Products from living proof P1000328 P1000327 Brandbassador P1000310

To find out more about the brands mentioned above and the other brands that were at the expo please click on the following links:


Overall I have to say that for my first major blogging event, I was completely impressed. For me one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much was because of the people I met…seriously my new blogging friends are great! Looking forward to seeing you soon ladies 🙂

Furthermore the products we were given superseded any expectations that I had prior to attending.

Some of the goodies received

For anyone contemplating taking up blogging I would seriously advise to subscribe to LDN meetup, and follow them on social media as the sense of community is great and you ultimately get to meet people with the same interests as you. As for me, I look forward to the next event 🙂

Find out more information via ldnmeetup or follow on twitter at @LDNmeetup



Lemonade anyone?


…and so it begins:

For those that know me, they know that I love me some Beyoncé. Oh yes, from way back when Destiny’s Child first started, up until the present day. I was all there with the girls singing about bills, bugging out about my boo, being independent and surviving.

So of course when Beyoncé announced she was doing a world tour, there was no question that I would be going, by hook or by crook. When it comes to Beyoncé and concerts my mantra is ‘by any means necessary’.

My accomplice and I:

Luckily for me, I am not alone as one of my besties (Mrs A) is as die hard as I am, so I have company with respect to my levels of unreasonable behaviour regarding Beyoncé.

That being said, in February of this year when it was announced that tickets would be released, Mrs A and I strategically planned how we would get tickets between us. For those not in the know, you have to understand, Beyoncé tickets are like mirages…they disappear as soon as they are released lol. Military planning was required.

The morning of the ticket release, we both woke up at the crack of dawn to secure our presale tickets. Oh yes…as we are both members of the beyhive we were able to get our tickets a few days early . In theory this sounds simple enough. I can confirm that it is not!

We were logged into our computers, our Ipads and our phones all at the same time, waiting for that magic hour of 9am to arrive. However at 9am, as you can imagine the surge for tickets was so high, that it took a good few hours to get our tickets. By midday we had secured our tickets and were good to go.

The countdown to July 2nd had begun. Then low and behold Beyoncé only decides to add another date in London, well there was no question we had to get tickets for that too; and so we repeated the same process and got tickets for the second date. Our dedication knows know bounds.

To those on the outside, it may not seem like much, but trust me we worked hard for those tickets!

A sip of Lemonade:


So now we have our tickets, but what we didn’t have was a new album. At this point Beyoncé had yet to release her album and we were patiently awaiting the same…why? We needed to learn the songs before the concert of course! The thought of possibly going to a Beyoncé concert without knowing every single song, well that’s just a madness!

Finally on April 23, we got our wish. The album Lemonade was released. Now for me, my honest opinion on Lemonade is that it’s an ok album. I only really love about 4 songs. Although Beyoncé’s self titled last album was a departure from the Beyonce we know and love, (in that she was overtly expressing her sexuality…surfboard comes to mind) it was still a good album and had a number of anthems, such as drunk in love, flawless, Yonce, grown woman. Basically I can get down to the whole album.

Lemonade on the other hand not so much. This is a more militant Beyoncé with points to make…gone are the lollipop beats of ‘crazy in love’ and the like. Lemonade reflects a no nonsense Beyoncé. This Beyoncé will cut you, if you look at her in the wrong way (Becky’s beware).

Lemonade reflects a mature Beyoncé and although I do appreciate the content of it, I do miss the Beyoncé sounds of the past. Don’t get me wrong however I love me some hot sauce! (if this comment makes no sense to you, then unfortunately we can’t be friends…nah just kidding).

Let’s get in formation:


So this weekend, I finally got to attend the concert that I waited so long for; and I have to say it was worth the wait. On both nights Beyoncé delivered spectacular shows. From the choreography, to the costumes, to the staging. Every single thing was on point.

enlarge 3

Although I am a beyonce fan, I would certainly be truthful if I felt that she was not up to par. The concert was that good it even made me like the Lemonade album more…and that’s saying something.

enlarge 5

I left both nights inspired by her talent and wishing that I was one of her dancers…I wanna wear those costumes!

enlarge 6

My opinion is Beyoncé came to slay, and slay she did. The whole stadium got in Formation and was turned up to the max. We were flawless divas! We the audience became the sing along crew and we belted out those tunes like it was the last time we would ever be able to sing anything.

The weekend is now over and Beyoncé moves on to the next city. I am now wondering when her next tour will be, as listening to the albums at home, isn’t the same anymore….it needs to be in a stadium.  I know I sound crazy lol. All I can say is Mrs Carter, you did that and I for one, am very grateful you did 🙂