Hey October what’s up?

Hey everyone, for my first post of October, I thought I would share what’s going on with me over the next month.



Since I started this blog, I realised that I haven’t really provided you guys with updates, or what events I will be going to, so I thought I would start and hopefully keep you updated on a more regular basis.

October 2018, New Month….New Stuff!

Hey October

October already? It’s insane how fast this year has gone. I actually have quite a busy month, as I have some beauty events. In addition, it’s my niece’s birthday. I can’t believe she turns 18, which makes no sense as she was born yesterday! This means I am officially old! lol.

So my first event this month is a press day for Nui Cosmetics.

At the moment I don’t know too much about this brand, (although I do know that they are a vegan brand). I can’t wait to find out what they are all about. Being someone that loves makeup, I am always on the lookout for products I can add to my makeup bag!

I then have an event hosted by Lori Bee (makeup artist) at smashbox studios which is called ‘How to work with Black Hair and Skincare’.

Black Hair and Skincare

I cannot wait for this event, it’s always great to get tips from professionals in the industry.

Lori Bee actually did my makeup when I was the maid of honour at the wedding of my sis trousseau diaries.

This Leo Loves Selfie picture

My makeup was flawless and lasted the whole day, so you bet I can’t wait to see what gems she and the other experts have to offer!

My last event of the month is the Makeup Revolution Halloween Party.

I’ve been lucky enough to go to a few makeup revolution events, and they do not disappoint!

Makeup Revolution party
Trousseau Diaries and myself at a makeup revolution party

I won’t be writing a of post about the event, but I will film it on my insta stories. This event will be towards the end of the month on October 25th. If you want to see behind the scenes check out my insta stories that evening.

In between, I am currently testing out some skincare products I have received. There will be a blog post where I will provide a detailed review, as well as information regarding the company who are called Molewa.

Anything else?

As I work full time, I have to make sure that I balance my work and blogging (or event) commitments, so that neither suffer.

Since July I have actively been working on my blog and have paid more attention to my social media. I have already seen the benefits, however am not going to lie it can be tough at times.

However I can’t complain too much, as I love connecting with you all and making new friends. (Thanks Twitter lol).

Well that’s all for this post, look out for another update in November, and of course my usual weekly posts.

Happy New Month everyone!



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