Holiday must haves – My Essential list.

Holiday time

It’s that time of year again, when everyone starts going on holiday and one must decide what will be on their holiday must have list.


In less than 3 weeks’ time I am off for a well-deserved holiday to Crete and am at the planning stages of what I will be taking with me.

I promised myself that for the first time ever, I will try to be organized and not leave everything till the last minute.

So as part of my prep, I have decided to do what so many other people have done and compile my own ‘holiday must have’ list.

What are my holiday essentials?

I have to say this is quite hard to condense as I have categories, e.g clothes essentials, hair essentials, makeup essentials etc.

This post will focus on the category of clothes and accessories as this really is the starting point of my packing. So let’s get to it!

1- Summer dresses

Whether it’s a maxi, or above the knee dress (or both) a summer dress or two should definitely be packed. I like to pack dresses that are light and very comfortable to wear. I would say my preferred style of dress tends to be off the shoulder dresses or halter necks.

2- Sunglasses

I love sunglasses whether they are designer or high street, I honestly do not care! I normally take my whole collection, but this time I am going to try to only take 2 pairs….emphasis on try lol

3- Beach bag

I have two bags, which I use as beach bags both are from ClaireaBella. I find jute bags are great as beach bags, as they are very durable which is always a plus when sand is involved.

The bag in the picture above is my small bag, but if I have loads of things to take to the beach I use my larger bag.

4- Jumpsuit / Play Suit

Who doesn’t love a jumpsuit? Together with some fabulous accessories like hoop earrings and bracelets a jumpsuit / play suit is a good idea on any holiday.

5- Cover up / kaftan

I love a cover up, and to be honest I tend to live in them when I am away. I always take a few as they are so lightweight. Last year I purchased this cover up from prettylittlething, which I adore…so best believe I will be taking this on holiday this year!

6- Sun hat

I love rocking a straw hat, especially when I have my sunglasses on….it makes for a great selfie pic! I usually just pick up a straw hat at Primark, but if you fancy splashing out for a hat I would definitely suggest trying Accessorize. They also do a great holiday range.

7- Shorts (and T-shirts)

Are you really on holiday, if you don’t rock a pair of shorts at least once? You can never go wrong with some denim shorts.


In the past I have taken more or less every pair of shoes I have. This year I will be taking, one pair of heels, one pair of ballet pumps, flip-flops / sliders (2 or 3 pairs) and trainers to travel in…as it’s all about being comfortable.

9- Swim wear

Gone are the days where I would confidently rock a two piece lol. It’s about being comfortable and for me that’s wearing a one piece. Even if your going away for a week, take at least 2 swim suits or bikinis. Therefore if one is hanging on the line drying you have another one to wear.

10- Sunscreen

It goes without saying that sun protection is key. Sunscreen should be used by everybody, no matter what skin tone you are.

Don’t forget if your sunscreen is not waterproof, reapply after that dip in the sea!

…so that’s it!

I know there are so many other essentials that I have not included. However this is just an idea as to the things I like to take with me. I hope you enjoyed this post and last but not least….happy holidays 🙂



  1. August 5, 2018 / 10:29 am

    Love the sunglasses in the first pic, where are they from? This is such a great post! I hate packing and I always forget something so I am definitely saving this post to refer back to when I next go on holiday!!

    • August 5, 2018 / 12:24 pm

      Aww thank you so much! Unfortunately I can’t claim the pic of the glasses as its a wordpress stock picture, but I do think they could be or at least very similar to Rayban Aviator glasses. I hope that helps!

  2. August 6, 2018 / 2:24 am

    Lol this Holiday Must Have is a hit!!!!! Listen… all summer I have been rocking shorts and rompers! Lol gotta expose some skin in this heat! Another thing is the swimwear… ?? I LOVE THE BEACH! I legit just ordered 2 swimwear! This summer heat and holidays approaching, what’s better than celebrating at the beach!?!?

    These pointers were nice!! ?? lol I’m beyond happy I got transitional lens for my glasses so bye bye sunglasses! ???

    Nice Post! ?

    • August 6, 2018 / 8:19 am

      Thanks so much for your comments. Girl I feel you about the beach, I could literally be there all day lol. It’s great that you have transitional lenses, will make things so much easier! Thank you again for taking time to drop a comment xx

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