It’s been a while…

Hey everyone…. Your girl is back!  It has been a while since I last posted, and I can only apologize; however 2018 started in a way I could never have imagined and I essentially had to take a break from blogging.

I just want to thank all my friends for their support at the time and even up until today. The last few months have shown me that I have the best friends ever!!!!!

Business as usual

Although I have been away, don’t think I haven’t been buying new products; oh no quite the opposite. I think I shopped even more lol….a girl needs to have something to keep her balanced right?

What’s new?
Well one of the things I finally got around to buying is the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.

I know it has been around for a good while, but as I have so many foundations I didn’t have the need to rush out and buy it. I now know this was a mistake.

All the hype around this foundation is for a good reason. I cannot express how much I love it. When I first got it, I thought I would use it for special occasions only, but it has become my everyday foundation (as I now think my other foundations in comparison were ever so slightly off).

Colour match:
I purchased my foundation in store at John Lewis. The colour match process was done by an electronic device which was placed against my cheek.

Within seconds I was told that my colour is ‘Truffle’. The sales assistant then applied the same and I was instantly won over by the preciseness of the match. It’s like wearing foundation, without wearing foundation if that makes sense lol.

The product comes in a standard 30ml bottle. Upon reading the packaging it states that the foundation stays in place comfortably for up to 15 hours.

I would definitely attest to this; I usually apply the foundation around 7am before I leave for work and to date I have never had to reapply during the day.

There are times when I have gone out after work and got home at 10pm and it still looks good 🙂 (if I do say so myself). Best of all, the foundation is extremely light and non-greasy, which as a sufferer of oily skin is a huge plus point.

If you are still searching for that foundation to make you go “yesssss girl i’m looking fierce” then Estee Lauder Double Wear is definitely worth a try.

If you would like to see more reviews on this product (or any other beauty product for that matter) why not take a look at

This website provides reviews regarding a host of things from foundations, and anything beauty related (like makeup brushes, mascara’s etc.), to household products, basically the majority of things you can think of!

As someone who purchases very few things without checking out online reviews, is the ‘one-stop shop’, thus saving you the hassle of individually searching for reviews. As always you can thank me later 😉

It’s great to be back, I hope you enjoyed my first post this year. I promise I have a lot more coming up and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

For now take care xx


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