Lemonade anyone?


…and so it begins:

For those that know me, they know that I love me some Beyoncé. Oh yes, from way back when Destiny’s Child first started, up until the present day. I was all there with the girls singing about bills, bugging out about my boo, being independent and surviving.

So of course when Beyoncé announced she was doing a world tour, there was no question that I would be going, by hook or by crook. When it comes to Beyoncé and concerts my mantra is ‘by any means necessary’.

My accomplice and I:

Luckily for me, I am not alone as one of my besties (Mrs A) is as die hard as I am, so I have company with respect to my levels of unreasonable behaviour regarding Beyoncé.

That being said, in February of this year when it was announced that tickets would be released, Mrs A and I strategically planned how we would get tickets between us. For those not in the know, you have to understand, Beyoncé tickets are like mirages…they disappear as soon as they are released lol. Military planning was required.

The morning of the ticket release, we both woke up at the crack of dawn to secure our presale tickets. Oh yes…as we are both members of the beyhive we were able to get our tickets a few days early . In theory this sounds simple enough. I can confirm that it is not!

We were logged into our computers, our Ipads and our phones all at the same time, waiting for that magic hour of 9am to arrive. However at 9am, as you can imagine the surge for tickets was so high, that it took a good few hours to get our tickets. By midday we had secured our tickets and were good to go.

The countdown to July 2nd had begun. Then low and behold Beyoncé only decides to add another date in London, well there was no question we had to get tickets for that too; and so we repeated the same process and got tickets for the second date. Our dedication knows know bounds.

To those on the outside, it may not seem like much, but trust me we worked hard for those tickets!

A sip of Lemonade:


So now we have our tickets, but what we didn’t have was a new album. At this point Beyoncé had yet to release her album and we were patiently awaiting the same…why? We needed to learn the songs before the concert of course! The thought of possibly going to a Beyoncé concert without knowing every single song, well that’s just a madness!

Finally on April 23, we got our wish. The album Lemonade was released. Now for me, my honest opinion on Lemonade is that it’s an ok album. I only really love about 4 songs. Although Beyoncé’s self titled last album was a departure from the Beyonce we know and love, (in that she was overtly expressing her sexuality…surfboard comes to mind) it was still a good album and had a number of anthems, such as drunk in love, flawless, Yonce, grown woman. Basically I can get down to the whole album.

Lemonade on the other hand not so much. This is a more militant Beyoncé with points to make…gone are the lollipop beats of ‘crazy in love’ and the like. Lemonade reflects a no nonsense Beyoncé. This Beyoncé will cut you, if you look at her in the wrong way (Becky’s beware).

Lemonade reflects a mature Beyoncé and although I do appreciate the content of it, I do miss the Beyoncé sounds of the past. Don’t get me wrong however I love me some hot sauce! (if this comment makes no sense to you, then unfortunately we can’t be friends…nah just kidding).

Let’s get in formation:


So this weekend, I finally got to attend the concert that I waited so long for; and I have to say it was worth the wait. On both nights Beyoncé delivered spectacular shows. From the choreography, to the costumes, to the staging. Every single thing was on point.

enlarge 3

Although I am a beyonce fan, I would certainly be truthful if I felt that she was not up to par. The concert was that good it even made me like the Lemonade album more…and that’s saying something.

enlarge 5

I left both nights inspired by her talent and wishing that I was one of her dancers…I wanna wear those costumes!

enlarge 6

My opinion is Beyoncé came to slay, and slay she did. The whole stadium got in Formation and was turned up to the max. We were flawless divas! We the audience became the sing along crew and we belted out those tunes like it was the last time we would ever be able to sing anything.

The weekend is now over and Beyoncé moves on to the next city. I am now wondering when her next tour will be, as listening to the albums at home, isn’t the same anymore….it needs to be in a stadium.  I know I sound crazy lol. All I can say is Mrs Carter, you did that and I for one, am very grateful you did 🙂



  1. July 4, 2016 / 3:39 pm

    Great post! Listening to bey as I type. I liked the concert although there were long periods of sitting down! However we all had the opportunity to have a good dance although sporadic #iaintsorry I went though. Brilliant experience x

    • July 4, 2016 / 3:45 pm

      Thanks for stopping by to comment, I completely agree the experience was brilliant…I want to go again!

  2. Nya Adewale
    July 4, 2016 / 6:56 pm

    Loved this post you “slayed” this post you a “bad b***h” lol.

    Could t have put it better amazing concert but I think she’s suited to the smaller venue so you can appreciate the staging and hear her properly.

    But I will go mad for tickets again I’m sure- I never learn ?

    • July 4, 2016 / 7:54 pm

      LOL…thank you so much my dear. I already know the situation regarding future tickets, i’m just trying to act like I’ve learned my lesson, but really have learned nothing! I hope Beyoncé would go back to playing Arenas, but now she’s played the Stadium I can’t imagine her going back…its a shame because as you implied the sound could have been better. All in all though Queen B all day everyday lol

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