Let’s get back to basics!

I confess that I had wanted to post this earlier, however July was so busy I didn’t get the chance. However as I enjoyed this event, I still thought I would post it…hope you enjoy 🙂

So one of the events I attended last month was hosted by celebrity make up artist Abbie May Hopkins.  The event was called Back to Basics.  It was a chance to meet Abbie May, watch her do a make up demonstration and mingle with other guests.


The event was held in conjunction with black pepper pr and took place at primobar in the Park Plaza Hotel. As a side note, I have to say the venue was on point, and I would definitely recommend paying a visit (especially for the cocktails)  🙂

Abbie May was an extremely gracious host, taking the time to speak to everyone before the demonstration began. To me this was great as it made the whole vibe of the event very relaxed and enjoyable.

Abbie May Hopkins

Once the demonstration began, it was really interesting watching how a professional applies make up compared to how I do make up.  It made me realise that I have so much to learn, but it was great too as I was able to pick up tips with relation to how to do certain things and what products to try out.

Abbie told us the story of how she got into make up, and the path she took before becoming freelance.  Upon listening, I felt that her story confirms that if you find what your passionate about, you should definitely follow it.  I know we hear ‘ follow your dreams’ and the like so often, but listening to someone who has actually become successful doing so, made it seem so much more achievable.

Event Sponsors and Goodie bags 🙂

The konjac sponge company and cloud9 skin both had stands set up. I have to be honest I hadn’t heard of either company prior to the event, however I am now definitely a fan of both having been given their products in the goodie bag.

Konjac sponge company
Cloud 9 Skin Solutions
Contents of the goodie bag 🙂

The contents of my goodie bag also contained products from:

dr paw paw

verso skincare

girl meets brush

Please click on the links above for further information.

If you want to find out more about Abbie May, check out her website: and also have a look at her youtube abbiemaymualdn


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