L’Oreal True Match Foundation – A review

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

I have been using the same foundation for years, predominantly by Mac and Nars and on occasion Bobbi Brown.

I never really wanted to try high street foundations, mainly because there wasn’t much option for people of colour. There are many shades of black skin, yet the ranges available are limited and most importantly not in my shade.

Foundations for black skin

I was therefore skeptical when L’Oreal came out with the True Match range.

The promise of a foundation that I may be able to get in my shade and I could get on any high street…there had to be something wrong. Maybe the coverage wouldn’t be good, or I wouldn’t get an exact match.


What changed?

I have recently been using skin care products from L’Oreal and have found their products agree with my skin. Although skin care products and beauty products are different, each time I saw the foundation in the shop I would pick it up and put it down again. That is until last week when I purchased True Match in colour 8.N Cappuccino.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation in Cappucino

First Impressions

When I first tried the foundation, I thought it may not be right, as it looked quite bright on my skin.

Foundation swatch






However upon getting my beauty blender and applying the foundation, I was pleasantly surprised. The foundation blended in well, and the colour was perfect.


There is only one negative point, which honestly is very minor. For me the texture is a bit thin so for fuller coverage you may need to use a bit more. However given that it retails for only £9.99, I can deal with this.

Overall opinion

Would I buy this product again? That’s a resounding yes. I have been using it since I got it. Aside from ‘special occasions’ where I may wish to use higher end foundations, True Match will be my go to foundation. I am actually so happy I did decide to give it a try and its great value for money.

In order for the main brands to cater for people of colour, we need to buy the products to reflect there is a demand. There is still such a long way to go, but  L’Oreal have taken the necessary first steps and I for one am very impressed. Welcome to my makeup bag 8.N Cappuccino.



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