So yesterday this Leo had her birthday and whilst I was in the midst of celebrations,  I decided that there are a few things that need to be incorporated into my next year of life. I’m not necessarily talking about resolutions, but rather aspects which will help enhance my quality of life.

Why the change?

I never set out to change anything, however one of the birthday cards I received made me think. It stated that ‘today was about celebrating you’. (Thanks Mrs A)

card pic

I thought how can I be celebrated by others, when I don’t even celebrate myself; or I put the needs and requirements of others over myself?  With this in mind, I came up with the following and thought I would share with you all:

Over the next year:

I will do what makes me happy
I will invest in those, that also invest in me

I will be open to new experiences
I will work on being patient

I will say no to the things I do not want to do
I will try to be more positive

Throughout the course of the year this list will ultimately grow but for now this is a realistic starting point for me. Have any of you ever made promises to yourself? If so let me know, would be great to know I’m not crazy lol.

Oh yes, and happy birthday to my fellow Leo’s….keep that Lion roaring!

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