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So what do you get yourself when you have bought enough make up to last the rest of your life, already have piles and piles of clothes and have no more space for handbags or shoes? No idea….well read on 🙂

What’s this all about?

I recently attended an event called #Bloggersareus which was hosted by AshleeMo Events. At this event I discovered the brand The Perfume Studio.

At first glance of the name, you may think that The Perfume Studio  is a company that just sells perfume, to a certain extent that may be true, however it’s not just any perfume. The Perfume Studio specialise in creating bespoke perfumes, and I was lucky enough to have one made. I hope you can tell, I was beyond excited, especially when I got told I could name it too! Yes people, I have a fragrance which I have named ‘Yo Soy…’ which is Spanish for ‘I am’.

What happens next?

The process behind creating my perfume was simple and excellently explained by their representative on the day Ben. I was asked to smell a number of fragrance blends each of which are categorised into the following either Base, Middle or Top.

I then chose my favourites and matched the blends which I felt went together best. There’s no specific formula, in that you do not need to select a fragrance blend from each category. Its literally what works for you.  So if you like two base blends and one top blend…that’s cool; or if you like all top blends no problem. There are no rules!

The best thing is that having a bespoke fragrance from The Perfume Studio is not as expensive as one would think. You can get a bespoke fragrance for under £40. I mean value or what! Considering that most of us spend in excess of this, for perfumes that everyone has, it just makes sense to invest in something unique to you.

I have to say, I am in love with my fragrance, and without a doubt would recommend everyone creating their own. After all, it’s good to be original 🙂

The bespoke perfumes also make great gifts, and so if your struggling to find something for that special friend or family member, look no further.

The Perfume Studio have a range of offers, workshops and experiences events. If you would like more information just click on the links within this post.

You can thank me later xx


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